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Bead Sculpture Techniques - Vol. One
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I know you will be amazed, enjoying all the compliments every time you wear and show off you beautiful Bead Sculpture that you made with your own two hands - and hopefully some of my Magic Beads, the best beads you can use for your creations. All you need to know is the Peyote stitch.

I feel these are the definitive instructions on bead sculpture techniques. Start to finish you can make a bead Sculpture with my instructions and fully illustrated step-by-step graphics.

Bead Sculpture Book

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Where it all began: I had never even seen bead sculpture until I saw an article on Joyce Scott in Ornament Magazine the summer of 1992. This affected me in a profound way; it was what I had always been striving towards in my bead work – freedom. I have never looked back creating many wonderful and great Bead Sculptures since, overjoyed in the popularity, acceptance, and growth of bead work.

Bead Sculpture will open up a whole new world and freedom in bead work for you. It will free you from counting, mistakes, and tradition. These techniques in part or combination can be used to create anything you want. The beads are your bricks and you are the architect you can make anything out of beads! So free your mind! And enjoy!

I have been teaching this particular project with these instructions for many years now with great success! All my students who take this class tell me they are the best and easiest to follow and are always very happy with their creation and all the compliments they get.

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Bead Sculpture Tutorial Vol. 1
Third Edition
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