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Celestial Prayer Bead Necklaces Series

Limited American, Handmade Edition


Lillian Todaro is a bead work artist and bead sculptor. Hand-made works range from earrings to elaborate over sized neckpieces,
to three dimensional figurative and abstract bead sculptures.

Lilly is a multi-award winning artist, renown for her creations of beaded and jeweled, freestanding and wearable sculptures --
all individually hand-made by her. Her fans and collectors come from around the world.

Lilly on FOXLilly has also been the special guest artist on the Carol Duvall Show, Home & Garden Channel (HGTV cable), the top national show for original artists, and has made TV appearances, including Fox TV (left).

For a remarkable experience, please browse the entire Wearable Jewelry-as-Art at the Lillian Todaro Collections Gallery, then order your own.

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