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Lillian Todaro is a multi-award winning creator of freeform Beaded, wearable art and jewelry called Bead Sculptures. As with all originals, Lilly first envisions each piece in her mind, then incorporates from her vast collection of treasured objects collected over her lifetime. "I am compelled to design new concepts, and in fact, I feel I must create something new every day. I have designs floating in my head all the time, inspired by events in my life and the world around me."

Lilly speaks of her originality, imagination and creativity: "I can design anything out of beads." For Lilly, her work is a never-ending adventure. She muses, "If I live to be a hundred, I still could not see half of the wonderful beads and crystals of the world." Lilly makes everything for herself first, "I've got to love it before anybody else can." Remember that no two pieces are alike and are a true wearable form of art that you too, should own and treasure one of your own from the Lillian Todaro Collections.


The Medusa

First place Award Winner, Signature Sculpture.

"For this fabulous sculpture, I was inspired by the Medusa character in the movie Clash of the Titans."

This work took over 100 hours to complete and is composed of the most beautiful iridescent cobalt blues, greens, purples and touches of gold. It also has fine Swarovski Crystals and vintage crystals.

The Medusa has no hardware being made entirely of the beads, crystals and a special nylon thread. The clasp is a woven Snakes Head and Tongue that loops over the Giant Tail Crystal.

Also uses our fine Japanese seed beads selected for matched size and brilliant, consistent color. Woven with our special 4-ply nylon thread - warranteed not to break.(*see warranty for details).

(Shown with earrings, not included)

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Signed by the artist. Includes Certificate of Authenticity
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