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Signing a work of art is a mark of originality and authenticity to protect the work, design and owner. Some works are easier to sign than others: in many, Lilly simply beads her name in, such as with the back of the purse shown here.

Sometimes Lilly has a smaller area on a sculpture and weaves in " L-i-l "or "L-I-L."

Occasionally, Lilly has no space and includes a "Spirit Bead" of an different color and style, representative of her signature. The significance of this bead pertains to ancient Indian tradition, when Indians would weave a spirit path into their work so that their spirit would not become trapped in the work.

Whether it's a full signature, abbreviated name, or spirit bead, Lilly makes an effort to personalize every work. So look carefully and you will see Lilly's mark on these distinctive designs.

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