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Soup Dance Purse

A nostalgic design that very much resembles a Campbells soup can; complete with a bowl of Vegetable Beef soup on the front and a recipe on the back just like an actual can.

"Soup Dance Purse" is big enough to hold credit cards and currency; it closes securely.

With an extra long strap for over shoulder for those nights out dancing when you don’t want to leave your purse laying around.

Made of: Malachites, vintage Czech art glass, fire polish crystals, Czech and Japanese seed beads.

Also uses our fine Japanese seed beads selected for matched size and brilliant, consistent color. Woven with our special 4-ply nylon thread - warranteed not to break.(*see warranty for details).

A true, one-of-a-kind creation. May be worn as a necklace.

Signed by the artist.
Included is your Certificate of Authenticity.

Call today for special order pricing !

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