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This is the stitch! It is the most versatile stitch and the simplest. This is the basis for almost everything: bead sculpture, earrings, purses, netting, etc. Once you know the Peyote Stitch you have the foundation to bead weave anything! You can complete this bracelet on your own with my step-by-step fully-illustrated instructions and diagrams (see sample below).

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This is the first bead-weaving stitch I learned; where it all began for me and from where everything grew. This particular design has its origins in my teenage years in high school when the Hippie and “Love Bead thing” was in full bloom, before bead sculpture, when the only stitch that existed was the flat peyote and peyote barrel stitch.

Instruction Example Spread

I have been teaching this particular project with these instructions for many years now with great success! All my students who take this class tell me they are the best and easiest to follow and are always very happy with their creation and all the compliments they get.
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