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Single Needle Right-Angle Weave Project
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With these step-by-step illustrated instructions you can make a fabulous woven “Crystal Message Bracelet.” Your creation will be a beautiful piece of heirloom costume jewelry of enduring beauty and value.

The Single Needle Right-angle Weave is a useful and versatile bead weaving stitch. This Tutorial includes step-by-step directions, clear easy-to-understand graphics, examples, tips, templates and much more.

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I have been teaching this project using these instructions for years with great success. My students are always happy with their creations, praising my instructions as the best, and easiest to follow. This instruction Tutorial contains patterns for six “Crystal Message Bracelets”, plus I provide additional blank templates for you to design your own crystal-charged messages.


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Crystal Message Bracelet Tutorial Vol. 1 - First Edition

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