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Beginning Techniques of Bead Sculpture
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So many beaders have admired Lilly's award-winning Bead Sculptures and wanted to make beautiful works of their own, but found the process somewhat daunting. In order to make the leap from “structured beading” to a more “free-form” style of bead sculpturing, Lilly took the most fundamental of the techniques she invented or refined, and created projects that are easy to beadweave while still produce stunning, wearable results.

Lilly says, "If you want to learn the classic Peyote stitch and expand yours skills using my contemporary twist to a traditional beadweaving stitch, this book contains the all the essentials to make magnificent, unique bracelets. Learn to combine simple increasing and decreasing to make curvy curls and design elements that add a unique look to fabulous three-dimensional bead sculpture bracelets. No matter your experience as a beader, you can learn how the building blocks of color and simple texture can set your beadwork apart from the rest. Learn to combine important variations of the versatile Peyote stitch to create simple, yet exquisite bead sculpture bracelets that you will cherish forever."

Bead Sculpture Book


Book SpreadThese instruction are for two pieces of jewelry, but you can see by the photos that the colors and structural variations are endless. These fully-illustrated and/or photographic techniques are easy to follow.
It will also motivate you to advance to my “Techniques of Bead Sculpture Book Two” and create amazing three-dimensional works of wearable art and more!   -Lilly

Techniques of Bead Sculpture
First Edition Book

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Choice of Color Kits with Instructions

Choice of Color Kits with Instructions
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