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"Cutie Hootie Necklace" Project

Bring this beautiful and adorable crystal owl to life with peyote stitch bezel setting. This is an assemblage project. First you make his Tummy, then his eyes, and then head. You then assemble them together and finish with embellishing for the wings and feet. His sage and ancient stare has intrigued for ages. Folklore attributes the owl to being the guardian against disease, infertility and ill will.  Dazzling bright crystal eyes with a jewel Tummy, this whimsical cutie will charm all that look into his big wise eyes, a real conversation piece. Call for custom color combinations $89.

Bracelet Kit & Tutorial
Book Spread
Bonus: learn a “Fast and Fabulous”
spiral made with the Super Duo Beads.
Complete with the beads, instructions and everything
you need!

"Cutie Hootie Crystal Owl,
Pendant and Necklace KIT
with Instructions


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