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"angular Obsession" Complete Kit with Instructions

Learn to combine the Peyote Stitch with the Ndebele Stitch to create the perfect triangle. This kit includes eight colors of Silver-lined and Aurora Borelis Japanese Delica beads. They are the most uniform in size and shape seed bead.  With Delica beads you get a more clean and precise design, because they appear to lock together. The kit also includes Fire Line Beading fiber, a special beading needle, and plenty of Delica beads for experimentation.

Instruction Example SpreadThe kit includes detailed  instructions with photographs and illustrations for three different triangles, plus the Triangle Toggle. Each instruction differs slightly, so study and practice each one. The instructions are written to start with the easiest triangle to the more complex three-dimensional toggle triangle.

Using our detailed instructions, you create stripes, sections, and lines of colors emphasizing the geometry of the triangle. Then simply puzzle-fit them and stitch them together to complete a contemporary bracelet. You can also make stylish earrings!

You also learn the three-dimensional Toggle Clasp, which offers infinite design uses and variations. Kits include all the Delica beads, needle, and high tech beading fiber. EMAIL Lilly with any special color requests.

Explore the creative possibilities of this wonderful geometric shape to create simple, yet irresistible jewelry. Included are more than enough components to make a bracelet that we sell at art and craft shows (with Lilly’s love & care) for $225 and up.

Polychrome colors of
Red, Gold, Blue, and more!
Timeless Elegance colors of Platinum, Gold, Copper and Silver-colored
Angular Obsession Polychrome Kit Begin Peyote Stitch Book
Necklace Glam Shot

Bracelet Project

Choice of Color Kits with Instructions
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