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Fantasy Necklace and Earring Collection   
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Enchanting fanciful feminine fairies with lustrous see-through, enameled, outstretched wings. The Fairies and Butterflies Collection have gracefully poised bodies adorned in sparkling crystals, and some have shimmering gemstones. All have dangling crystals or beads of glass.

Elaborate Rococo-styled openwork antiqued metal settings with a dazzling profusion of twinkling crystals. Opulent, alluring art-nouveau designs accented with swirling dangles. Magical theme symbols of nature with crystal-accented details. Romantic enchanting collection of elemental creatures, nature spirits; mythical Fairies and Butterflies.

They lift the spirit and hang protectively with their fairy power. Many have detailed antiqued brass-color castings.
Some have graceful filigree with delicately entwined wings set with crystals.
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Nouveau Turquoise Necklace #7000 -
Now only $149
Curvy ribbons of turquoise enamel on antiqued brass interspersed with scintillating inset crystals. At center a crystal flower with a turquoise enamel heart below dangling a genuine faceted turquoise bead. Turquoise the sacred stone of Native Americans, and said to absorb negative energies, enhance intuition, and give its wearer vibrancy.
Dragonfly Exotica Necklace  #7001- $90.
Sorry, out of stock
Eye-catching, olive-green and rust-colored outstretched wings. Each segment of the body has a crystal. The head is an inset cats eye cabochon with large olive green crystal eyes. Hangs from a necklace of crystal inset antiqued brass-color findings.
Butterfly Trio Necklace
# 7005
Now only $110.
Three whimsical multi-colored translucent winged small butterflies in a flurry of flight. With trailing ribbons of multicolored crystals inset on graceful ribbons of antiqued brass-color.

Dancing Butterfly Fairy Necklace # 7006
Now only $85.
Beautiful transparent outstretched fanciful fairy wings. Her sensuous dancing body and head are adorned with inset crystals and dangling crystals. Hangs from a necklace of faceted glass and antique style brass-color filigree beads.
Titania – Queen of the Fairies Necklace  #7007
Now only $110.
The queen of the fairies and wife of Oberon in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. The graceful lines of her translucent, out- spread wings radiates the splendor of this art deco style fairy. Her wingtips are inset with dazzling crystals. She is suspended from a delicate antiqued brass-color chain.
Bowing Fairy Necklace
Now only $69.
Beautiful transparent blue and creamy yellow wings adorned with crystals. Fairy is in a graceful bowing pose with a blue crystal head. Hangs from
a necklace of faceted glass and antiqued brass-color beads.

Picture Butterfly Necklace
Now only $110.
Unique, eye-catching amber and creamy yellow out stretched wing butterfly. Her wings and body are adorned with crystals. She carries a small enamel and crystal picture frame hanging from her wings for that image of someone special, to keep close to your heart.
7014- Stained Glass Butterfly Necklace
Stained Glass Butterfly
Necklace #7014
Now only $79.
This lovely butterfly is the filtered colors of stained glass windows in a gothic cathedral. Amber and garnet crystals dangle from her outstretched translucent wings and she hangs on a silver-tone chain. Also available: matching Stained Glass Butterfly Earrings.
#7014-EE  MSRP $49.
Blue Butterfly Necklace
Now only $90.

A charming naturalistic design of a graceful blue wing butterfly captured in the exuberance of flight and adorned with sparkling blue crystals. Floating on a matching silver-tone chain.

Green Empress Necklace   #7012
Now only $149.
Elegant and stylish mix of Olive green Swarovski Crystals give this beautiful necklace a lavish and classic regal look. Made of Swarovski Crystals and antique toned pewter.
Floral CameoNecklace
#7016 -   $85
Sorry, out of stock
Enamel and Swarovski Crystals are combined to create this timelessly romantic look on this flower motif cameo. The Hand made chain of glass beads, and Fresh Water Pearls add feminine softness to the necklace. Made of Antiqued Pewter.
Allura Necklace
#7018 - $149
Sorry, out of stock
Dark earthly colors of, purple, fushia, and greys add complex layers of imagery and romantic dreaminess to this classic design necklace. Made of Swarovski Crystals and antique toned pewter.

Lace Wing Butterfly Necklace # 7021
Now only $98.
Beautiful and delicate antiqued-silver tone filigree wings inset with aqua and hyacinth colored crystals. The butterflies are joined in a graceful mating embrace with a large amber crystal at their center. 
Romantica Necklace
Now only $119.
The delicate nature the pastel colors and flowing flowery organic lines are combined to create the Art Nouveau nature inspired romantic feminine look of this necklace. Made of Swarovski Crystals, Enamel, and antiqued toned pewter.
Amber Butterfly Necklace
Now only $85.

Beautiful outstretched wings of translucent amber tipped with fuchsia pink. Each segment of her body is adorned with a fuchsia pink inset crystal. Amber and fuchsia colored crystals dangle from her wings. With aurora borealis crystals hanging from a gold-tone chain

Spring Butterfly Necklace
#7025 - $59.
Sorry, out of stock

A lovely smaller butterfly with light green outstretched translucent wings tipped with carnelian orange. Her segmented body is inset with light green aurora borealis crystals. She has a carnelian colored cats eye cabochon for her head and dangles from a gold-tone chain.

Green Moth Necklace
Green Heart Moth Necklace #7027
Now only $149

A large graceful moth with beautiful glossy transparent-green outstretched wings, adorned with Aurora Borealis Crystals. The wings are joined at the base of the abdomen with a crystal heart. This work hangs on a necklace of: Crystal and glass beads, and Cat’s Eye
Purple Dragonfly Necklace #7031
Now only $69

Outstretched transparent purple wings tipped with lavender crystals and large purple crystal eyes. This versatile Dragonfly and can be detached from the antiqued brass-color chain and used as a hair clip.

7037 Cosmic Rainbow Pendant Necklace
Now only $98.

A dreamscape of colors adorn this cosmic yin and yang pendant. The swirling rainbow is inset with multi-colored crystals on a gold tone finding. Hanging from a gold-tone chain.
7038 Golden Crystal Swirl Necklace
Now only $119.
Stunning dramatic centerpiece of rainbow of colors adorned with a multitude of inset sparkling colored crystals and tigers eye on a mystical shaped gold tone pendant hanging from a gold-tone mesh chain.
7040 Earth, Sea, and Sky
Swirl Necklace
Now only $90

Organic inspired and exotic graceful swirl in earth, sea, and sky colors adorned with aurora borealis crystals. Hanging from a silver-tone chain.

0064 Damselfly Necklace
Now only $90
Graceful Damselfly with transparent wings. Hanging from an elaborate, Rococo styled openwork setting, inset with brooding colors of cats eye cabochons and sparkling crystals. Suspended from a necklace of antiqued brass-color findings inset with cats eye and tiny colored glass stones.
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