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Now you can learn how to make beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces using some of the best-selling bead instruction booklets in the country! Written by award-winning artist and teacher, Lillian Todaro, these invaluable guides include step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions, examples, tips, and much more. Lilly offers you a system of inter-related books and projects that takes you from the basic stitches you need all the way through the intermediate and advance techniques she invented and/or perfected to create award-winning beadwork.

Inspired by actual use in her classes, each booklet covers a specific technique used to create a project, and is easy-to-understand and learn. These instructions are not only tested and proven, they have been refined over the years to make each project an easy and enjoyable experience, no matter your level of expertise.

Lilly says, "I believe in 'beading, not reading' so text is kept to a minimum with the emphasis on BIG easy-to-follow illustrations and photos. Many of these projects, you can complete in an afternoon or weekend. And the more you bead, the faster and more proficient you will become."

Companion kits include quality components, which make it easier to create each piece and enhance the experience of learning while creating. All orders get FREE Shipping !

Begin Peyote Stitch Book

Easy Peyote Stitch Bracelet Projects

This is the book you need to get started. You will learn the fundamental Flat Peyote Stitch, bead and loop closure, and graphing. When you're done, you will have a beautiful bracelet for yourself, or to give as a gift. Some beaders have made dozens, each in a different color! You're going to love how easy it is.

Peyote Stitch Project
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Marmen Caranda Kit & Book Marmen Caranda Kit & Book Spring Bouquet Kit & Book Two Booklets Marmen Caranda Kit & Book Spring Bouquet Kit & Book

Easy Peyote Stitch + Embellishments
(Beginner to Intermediate)

These kits take that same, easy-to-make flat peyote-stitch base you learned above, and teaches you how to add embellishments to it. Our kits include everything you need, including all these beautiful hard-to-find Czech glass fruits and/or flowers

Peyote Stitch + Embellishment Projects

"Marmen Caranda"Bracelet
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Spring Bouquet Bracelet
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Shaggy Chic Combo Book

"Shaggy Chic" Bracelets Book
(Beginner to Intermediate)

If you have all the beads and embellishments,
all you need is this comprehensive book with instructions for four different and beautiful Shaggy Chic Bracelets.

Peyote Stitch + Embellishment Project

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Crystal Message Bracelet
(Beginner to Intermediate)

When you're ready to make something truly unique, that's easy and elegant, this is the perfect project! And you learn the Single-Needle Right Angle weave, which is useful for many projects. You can create pieces of jewelry that have enduring beauty and value. The book includes lots of examples and templates to design your own unique messages! Buy the book alone and use any kind of beads, or buy the kits which contain all Swarovski Crystal.

Single Needle Right-Angle Projects
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Crazy Daisy Crystal Bracelet

Crazy Daisy Crystal Bracelet
(Beginner to Intermediate)

A sweet nostalgic design Lilly created in the late 70’s when crazy daisies were hip and in fashion, then updated when Swarovski Crystals became more readily available for increased beauty and value. The project works up fast because you add three beads at a time to create a stunning and stylish bracelet made with your own two hands. The “Crystal Crazy Daisy Bracelet” is Lilly’s original design. - New for 2016

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Crystal Sunflower Bracelet

Crystal Sunflower Bracelet
(Beginner to Intermediate)

Spring into Spring with Swarovski bling, “Crystal Sunflower Bracelet” is a color variation of a sweet nostalgic design Lilly created in the late 70’s when crazy daisies were hip and in fashion, then updated when Swarovski Crystals became more readily available.

- New for 2016

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Spiral Bangle Book

Spiral Bangle
Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace Projects

(Beginner to Intermediate)

Lilly says, "This is my most popular project, the Peyote Spiral. I call it a "big bang for your buck project" because it looks complicated and sophisticated. However it is easy to learn and make. I take you through it one bead at a time. This one booklet shows you how to make everything! Bracelets, necklaces and earrings."

Peyote Spiral Stitch Project - 3rd Edition
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3 Exciting Spiral Bead Projects

3 Exciting Spiral Projects
(Beginner to Advanced)

The Spiral Peyote stitch book and kits have been so popular, we added this Book Two with three more different Spiral projects. They take you from very easy beginner to intermediate to advanced.

• Lazy Pearl Spiral
• Ndebele Spiral Necklace
• Big Bang Spiral Bracelet

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Angular Obsession Bracelet Kit & Book

NEW!  Angular Obsession Bracelet Kits

This project uses a combination of the flat-peyote stitch and the Ndebele weave, to create the perfect-shaped triangles. Learn to make four different triangles and a 3-dimensional triangle that makes a perfect toggle clasp. Make a bracelet and learn the techniques to make spectacular necklaces, too!

Flat-peyote + Ndebele Stitch Project
(Intermediate project)

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Candies Bracelet Kit & Book

  NEW!   Candy Bracelet Kits

These bracelet looks like colorful, hard candies all strung together. In reality, they are made of individual beads woven together into a tube of larger beads, which creates the illusion of a multicolored candy bangle bracelet

Ndebele Stitch Project
(Intermediate project)

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Beginning Techniques of Bead Sculpture Book One (Beginning to Intermediate)

Introducing the perfect book for beaders who want to really add dimension and texture to their beadwork. We show you all the steps in two terrific projects that will make unique bracelets, and give you the foundation to continue on to Book Two (below) and make full, multi-technique bead sculptures.

Bead Sculpture Bracelets
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Techniques of Bead Sculpture -
Book Two Vol.1
(Intermediate to Advanced)

This book shows you more than a dozen techniques that you can use in endless variations to make award-winning wearable art. Detailed photos of each technique are included, then a master reference showing how the techniques can be used together or alone. "There are no mistakes, only endless variations with bead sculpture," Lilly says. No two creations are ever the same.

Bead Sculpture Necklace
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Ask your favorite Bead Store for other Lillian Todaro Instruction Booklets and Magic Beads™ Kits!

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